About Us

Your mission is our priority

Segers Medical Systems is the result of a collaboration between Precision Systems Science Co. Ltd. (PSS) and Diagenode S.A. When the collaboration ended PSS needed to continue the support and deliveries to the different customers in the Benelux and France. Segers Medical Systems seemed to be the best partner and this because of the following reasons:

- Service is our priority: We are striving to a real partnership and will

   support  your laboratory with great scientific and technical assistance. 

   We will help you with the validation of products, data management, .....

- 25 years of experience in the IVD business: We do understand your

   concerns and we will do everything to take them away.

- We want the best for the patient: IVD is all about the patient. It is known

   that 70% of all diagnoses made could have been taken thanks to IVD